Community Infrastructure Development

One of the critical elements for improving urban design for the Western BACE and Toolern (including the existing and proposed housing estates) is the design and development of a railway station and bus interchange at Toolern. It is anticipated that the planning of new infrastructure developments such as Toolern Train Station will significantly improve accessibility to the Western BACE, attract key workers to the area, and enhance the liveability for future communities in Melton’s growing western region (including the Atherstone development where approximately 20,000 new residential dwellings will be built).

Research during the construction of Western BACE will explore the current and future transport infrastructure needs for residents of the new and existing residential housing estates adjoining the Western BACE.. Data capture in the preliminary development stages of the Western BACE will identify current transport practices and public transport requirements. Community expectations necessary to meet the transport infrastructure needs of BACE tenants and future Melton South residents will also be identified. Mapping this data will provide an understanding of enablers for growth that will be possible with the development of the Toolern Train Station.

Research Questions:

The research questions pertaining to the Western BACE in these initial stages of design and construction focus on understanding the needs of the community (including the business community at Western BACE) with regard to infrastructure development, and a train station development (Toolern Train Station).

The research pertaining to transport connections includes:

a.    What is the current level of public transport availability and usage for residents in the City of Melton?

b.    In what ways will improved public transport with the additional train station benefit current and future (Toolern) Melton residents? Are there any contingency factors that would influence their decision to access public transport?

c.    How can Melton residents be encouraged to reduce their reliance on motor vehicle transport and increase their usage and access to public transport?

d.    What are the public transport expectations for Western BACE tenants? How can access to public transport such as the new Toolern Train Station be facilitated?